Frank Randall

Frank a really good man. He rarely gets credit for how good of a man he is.

He loves Claire. He is mysterious with his WWII classified work. He craves knowledge. Genealogy, history are utmost to him.

He claims unable to love an adopted child prior to Claire falling through stones and disappearing. They had been unable to conceive.

Yet Claire comes back pregnant — claiming an 18th century Scot is the father. She told him the truth. He refused to divorce Claire. He raised Bree as his. Loved her fiercely. He adopted her.

Claire thought he never believed her. He did. He researched. He knew she told the truth. Left her clues to go back to Jamie. Left a clue for Bree as a warning.

He loved Claire in a way some do not appreciate. He sacrificed. Not perfectly but he did.

I cannot wait to see Tobias bring him to life.

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