2nd Honeymoon

Claire and Frank — second honeymoon in Scotland. #Outlander

Finally the opportunity to be settled, start fresh after WWII separated them during the most of their marriage. Reconnecting. Making plans. They love each other.
Claire has fight. Almost a bratty stubbornness (reminds me of a certain offspring to come) and after a life on the road wants to live (she thinks) a tranquil genteel life of a professor’s wife.
Frank oh Frank. A bit single minded, focused not yet seeing Claire for who and all she is. He knows where he is going and desires his wife to be the wife by his side but perhaps in a more demure role.
They love each other, yet do no longer really know the other well or the inner dwellings that are hidden.
They seem to have all the time in the world to become more a team.. Seem to…

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