Claire. This is her story.

At age 24 in 1991, I picked up Outlander, newly released, intrigued by the book jacket. Immediately drawn in first and foremost by the female character, Claire.

Yes, yes the adventure, scenery, men were enticing, but Claire was and is why I keep going back for more.

Her strength, grit, ferocity, will, brains, guts, fight, bravery, passion, fire, sexuality, equality, history professional and personal, checked my boxes for a character who felt exquisitely real, resonated deeply into my heart and soul.

A feminist lead from the 1940’s standing squarely, chin raised, eyes of steel. In her own being, while also understanding the need to be connected, love, a softness within. The desire for something settled after a vagabond and war torn life.

I simply fell in love. I simply wanted to go with her anywhere. I simply wanted to fall in and be her.

There has been in the past year extensive coverage of Jamie, the main male character. I adore “the King of Men” and understand since the casting of handsome and charming Sam Heughan the favored literary husband would be exceedingly popular among the fan base, but THIS IS CLAIRE’S STORY. I want more Claire. She, oh yes, she is everything to this story from the beginning.

The casting of Caitriona Balfe is just right. Yes, yes not perfect to the written description, yet her essence, what she brings to the screen, is ALL Claire.

At the premiere this past Friday night during the San Diego Comic Con, i held my breath as the opening credits rolled. Please, please, PLEASE may it be about Claire like the books.

I was not a disappointed, not for a moment. All my above descriptors and more revealed on screen in front of my eyes alongside 1,500 other viewers.

She came to life in full force. In full Claire.

I, again simply fell in love, want to follow her anywhere…..




4 thoughts on “Claire. This is her story.

  1. The Charmed Lady says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Agree with it all. My favorite line of yours..”I simply wanted to fall in and be her.” Yes.


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