Sketches and such.

Terry explaining to us en masse about merchandising of sketches and such she creates.

Terry Dresbach

Many of you have been asking about sketches, books, and other merchandise.

As I much as I would LOVE to give you sketches, I can’t. How and when that happens is part of a grand scheme for the show, carefully designed by the marketing teams. I can’t interfere in that plan.

As for merchandise, I really have no idea at all about what merchandise will be marketed or when.I am not ever sure WHO is in charge of those things, is it Starz or Sony? No idea. So if you have any great ideas or requests (Outlander Paper Dolls or Cuilean pillows), you will have to send those requests to either or both Starz/Sony.

I am including some tiny little pieces of sketches done a year and a half ago, before there was a show, before I was the costume designer, before Sam, Catriona, Tobias, Lotte, Graham and Gary had…

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