Quick Premiere Thoughts

So many whirlwind moments in San Diego… The premiere event was a little overwhelming and different than expected, some great and some so-so (maybe more later explaining that comment).

To the actual screening. Truly fantastic. The “Sassenach” episode was all I had hoped as a very longtime fan.

1. Cait as Claire. Spot on. Of course some physical characteristics are differing but her essence, yes, yes, yes.

2. Many aspects were true to the Outlander book. What wasn’t true made sense though there is a serious WHAT the WHAT moment (no spoilers) I am still working over in my mind on how it will be woven into a scene that is impacted later.

3. Casting perfection really. The actors immediately melt away into recognizable characters we know and love or loathe.

4. Wardrobing again blends into scenes and time as it should. Brava to Terry Dresbach and her team.

5. Scotland, she too is a magnificent character all her own. Drawing us in.

6. The language aspect was an excellent ride. We or many of us, like Claire lack Gaelic knowledge. Good coaching Adhamh O’Broin.

7. Lastly the perspective of Claire’s story is strong as it ought be. It is her story after all and well intentioned as such in screen as the pages leap to reality.

More later!


3 thoughts on “Quick Premiere Thoughts

  1. @sooroux says:

    Just saw it last night in Charlotte. Same thought here on your “what the what” moment. Not that It wasn’t a smokin’ moment ;))


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