Adaptations and The Reader

“The book was better” Time article by James Poniewozik (@poniewozik) was spot on referencing book adaptations to the small screen versions.

As a 23 year Outlander series reader, I am looking forward to the visual representation on screen though I full well know there will be differences simply because of the medium change from word to visual. The awareness they are also to bring depth, description, and emotion to those who have never read a word from the books. A new fan has zero investment in the series. A good story is not enough. To be compelled, drawn in and an investment into the unknown characters is a must.

I, as a multiple time Outlander series reader, look forward to new non-reading fans coming in with fresh eyes experiencing this much beloved story and hopefully falling in love with characters who feel like dear friends in my life.

Like the Time article author, I have been a reader and non-reader myself of some very popular to screen adaptations. Being totally shocked watching GoT is exciting, fun and a great ride. I am impressed by longtime fans not over sharing what they know while enjoying the rise along side the purposeful not yet ASOIAF reader like me.

Part of the journey to adaptation that most thrills me are those moments that will shock, awe, cause joy or sorrow and sharing them with all the fans, new or longtime.

I plan to blog about each episode as it is then recapping with a post on the differences from the written. Intentional spoilers, no, yet I know some will pop up. To a non-reader anything could be a spoiler from a reader fan, however, will try to keep information limited to assist the experience.

Yes, as James stated, the need to “let it go” by reader fans is an important aspect to the adaptation’s success.

I, for one,will enjoy the ride and cheer, cry, laugh with all the fans.




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