Sex and Claire 1

The Outlander series is about people in different centuries, circumstances, living life. Sex is a part of the journey, relationships as in “real” life for many of us.

Claire has a very forthright healthy attitude and self possessed expression of sexuality. She owns hers.

For a woman in the 1940’s could seem almost scandalous her open approach. A breath of fresh air as a modern day reader (even 23 years ago when I first met her).

With Frank it is a connecting point, a positive glue to bring them together after very limited contact during the WWII years she spent as a nurse and he in top secret military service.

This aspect of Claire mirrors her other strong personality attributes in speech, passion, strength, courage, healer, being “that woman” who steps up and leads.
Caitriona Balfe quite believably, beautifully and comfortably flows into this character dimension onscreen. I look forward to more.




There will be more on this topic as, yes, hot sex does occur in the Outlander world.

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