My absolute FAVORITE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen Terry!

Terry Dresbach

Says everything I have been saying about Outlander for twenty years, and why I love the books. A romance featuring a hot guy in a kilt, might not get me through even one read. But a strong, interesting, interested, courageous, complex woman at the heart of an adventure? A woman who nothing, not even the loss of two men she deeply loves, will take her down, or deter her from living a rich, engaged life, is worth ten reads.
Add an interesting man who loves and respects her for all of the above reasons, who enters into a long marriage between two equals, makes it even better.

Feminist, not a dirty word, not a word to fear or to run from. A word and a state of being to celebrate.
A glorious day when you type the word feminist into Google search, and a picture of Ron and Diana shows…

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