Tomorrow an End. A beginning.

Tomorrow the #Outlander series officially premieres on Starz Network in the US.

Tomorrow many who know little about the established fandom, series or the process of the past year getting to this premiere, will view and hopefully come on board to make the series a bigger success.

As one, a 1991 fan, who has participated and watched the series blossom from announcement, through casting, fan events, become friendly with Diana, cast, crew, Starz on social media, tomorrow marks a bittersweet, yet exciting letting go.

Letting go of what? The intimacy of current fans with each other. An intimacy and bubble of sorts with cast, crew and Diana, that we have enjoyed immensely. This time of “when” that has drawn us together. The time of “us” the fans being such a part of many events, announcements, interactions, worry how it will change.

This insulated place has become a comfortable Outlander cocoon that I fear will be completely altered after tomorrow.

I have thanked each cast member, crew, Diana, Maril and Ron for this amazing past year-ish of time.

I cannot describe the many friends, real friends I have made during the series establishment, I am truly awestruck and deeply joyed for those who are now in my Clan. Other established friendships have deepened in this journey because Diana wrote a book.

I never have to apologize for geeking Outlander style!

I hope with all my heart, Sunday morning and beyond what I know, what we know, will not be discernibly different in Outlander world. Yet I do know, it will never be this beautiful island I am on right now again.

Deepest gratitude to Diana Gabaldon, Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis, Terry Dresbach, Outlander Starz, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Graham McTavish, Lotte Verbeek, Matt Roberts, et al for making this an incredible past year for me, us.

Now, I welcome all the new fans. Arms open wide to bring you into the Clan.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow an End. A beginning.

  1. Connie Sandlin (@Yr_Obt_Svt) says:

    There’s never been anything like it, I believe – a fandom that has so supported a production BEFORE it was even seen, A fandom that has made friends with the crew of a show, even including the unit drivers and costumers. A fandom that has raised funds for charity and held social events and supported disabled athletes trying to get on magazine covers and created extensive fan art and blogs and poetry before one episode has even aired. A fandom that even knows about the PETS of the cast and crew. A fandom that has taken baked goods to the cast and crew at remote locations while respecting the privacy of all and the production needs of the show. A fandom that has created real friendships and given people hope by befriending each other and empowering other fans to unlock their potential and bare their souls, each time helping heal someone else’s hurts, helping someone realize they are not alone.

    If such a fandom exists elsewhere, or ever has, I am unaware of it.

    All because Diana wrote a book. God bless her. Let us hope that those coming to the Outlander-verse because of the TV show will also find in it that which has nourished so many of us since 1991.


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