They Say I’m a Witch Stills

Another Episode 102 clip. This one featuring Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) and Claire (Caitrions Balfe) gathering medicinal plants.

They grow into a complicated friendship. Claire likes her and is leery at the same time. I look forward to Geillis’ character development and seeing how she is different off page.

They Say I’m a Witch, is foreshadowing a pivotal event for both women.

Geillis is a wily, provocative character. What say you? Is she a witch or not?

Geillis discussing plants with Claire that bring on the flow, cause miscarriage.




“They say I’m a witch.” Claire’s simple response of “Are you?” Is perfect.



Geillis inviting Claire to her home. She has potions, and more.



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