The Secrets of Castle Leoch

The Starz Outlander Newsletter arrived in my email today.

Overflowing with trivia from Castle Leoch.

We will see Castle Leoch in the everyday and for the Great Hall Gathering.


Doune Castle is Outlander’s Castle Leoch. It had a pivotal role in the Jacobite uprising. What a most fitting place for Clan MacKenzie to inhabit.

The Great Hall. Much takes place in this room. Justice, politicking, parties, feasts, tragedy….

Colum’s office is a sanctuary and get away. Decorated to bring the outside, the lost life he cannot lead, inside.


Great efforts were taken to ensure the mood, feeling, temper of the period would cone through inside the sets.

The textures, candlelight, narrow halls, hiding places, oh I cannot wait to walk the living Leoch through Claire’s eyes.

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