Getting Dressed

Originally on Terry Dresbach’s blog.

Terry Dresbach

Getting dressed in the 18th century was no small feat. There were many layers of clothing, most of them tied and laced in ways that made getting out of them as painstaking as getting into them,

When we shot the scene of Claire getting dressed with Mrs. Fitz, Ron insisted that we film the entire sequence. “Are you sure?” I asked, “It takes about 30 minutes !!” But he insisted. He knew it would help to tell the story of a stranger in a strange land. Since the beginning Ron has said that the world Claire lands in, had to be as foreign as if she had landed on another planet.

If any of us, who throw on underwear, t shirt and jeans, before leaving the house, suddenly droppedinto 1947, we would have to don underwear, garter belt, seamed stockings, dress, gloves, and hat before going out. Actually, you would…

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