Oh The Views Episode 102

How many watches does it take of Episode 102 Castle Leoch?


Viewing this Outlander episode went about like this….

1. Saturday night watching on the flat screen with anticipation with my sweetie. We made the children who were home leave the level so it was quiet. We did not talk. We wanted to concentrate. I very carefully filled in no blanks for my husband who has yet to read the books. He reacted and laughed in all the right places. As a fan, I giggled or reacted more fervently sometimes before a scene unfolded.


Me: Fabulous, claps. Mrs Fitz greeting everyone gleefully and sizing up Claire. Poor Claire the stray cat Murtagh found. Jamie sheepishly explaining that Dougal made them bring her. The MUD. Damned Laoghaire. Grumble hiss. The Claire hair. Bwahahaha. Very nice thigh given by Jamie in the paddock. Rupert funny, endearing, charming and can throw a punch. Dougal argh. Colum mmhm. Black Jack Randall. Sick, wicked, dark. Jenny sweetie here’s a shawl. Mrs. Fitz. I want to bottle what she has. The scars. Holy hell worse than I imagined. The intimate tenderness between Jamie and Claire. Friendship blossoming, the need of each other apparent, the desire obvious. Trust awakening. The wardrobe. Spot on. I want this and that and that too but not the bum roll. Geillis is delicious. The surgery. So Colum, I just had sex with my 20th century husband right there.




So honey some people say is a chick show.

Him: That was really great. Dougal is up to no good. Kiss her already. Ouch watching Colum walk. Oh yes more wine. Get her drunk Colum. Uh oh Hamish is not Colum’s?! Snickers at Rupert’s monologue about Angus. Things are not what they seem. Jenny’s nipples are really small. (Me: Honey it was really cold then in Scotland. Claire’s and Jamie’s were small too. Brr.)

2. As my husband runs out to pick up a couple of kids from youth group, I start to watch immediately again. I mean it came on again so….. Re-enter the husband who grabs a snack and says, “No it is NOT a chick show at all.” Then he sits down to watch it with me again. This time we pause, rewind and chat through the episode. Mind you my brain squirrel is going bananas with ideas and thoughts. This time I add in history, book insights, asked him questions about scenes from his perception. Again we laughed out loud with Claire being awoken by Mrs. Fitz and Rupert’s scene with Claire. And yes I yell at Laoghaire.


Me: Happy. Happy. Shaking fist at Colum’s bait and switch (of course I knew it was a rouse.). BJR is a sick bastard menacing and cruel.





Honey you really need to read the books. Are you impressed with my Scottish history knowledge?

Him: So Hamish is Dougal’s, does Colum know?

You know I didn’t read the Lord of the Rings books until after the movies came out. (Meaning I will read Outlander soon.) There are thousands of pages to work with, so the series should be on a long time. Obviously Starz is putting major money into it. Thankfully She (Diana) writes faster than George RR Martin so the series won’t need a break in production. (Me laughing enough for 7 more seasons of books so far and likely two more books on way.)

3. Sunday morning I decide to watch again for note taking and screen captures for this blog. It took three hours to watch because I was pausing so often and going back. And a friend was texting about the episode at same time. I screen capped 140 pictures. Not all of them will be shared. I wanted variety to choose from some have been posted in entries from Sunday. I slowly savored every scene, the textures, the dialogue, the nuances. So many blog entries ran through my head.

Me: I need the podcast from Ron and Terry. (I listened Sunday evening. Terry is brilliantly funny. She and Ron a great team. Best takeaway Ron Red.)

4. As I write it is playing again. Swirling images. Always a need for more Outlander.

What were your stream of consciousness thoughts?




6 thoughts on “Oh The Views Episode 102

  1. Melinda says:

    Loved the rich, sumptuous feel to this episode, as if you could just soak in it. Wish I had someone who didn’t know the books to watch with; although it would be hard not to give things away.


  2. “BJR is a sick bastard menacing and cruel. Didn’t care that the first flogging was in courtyard versus prison.”

    This isn’t the prison flogging. That comes later and is how Jamie got the horrible scars from being flogged twice in the space of a week. The flogging in this episode was slight by comparison.

    My husband is watching Outlander, too, and we NEVER, EVER like the same TV shows. He understands it pretty well for not having read the books, but like you, I fill in a lot of blanks.

    I enjoy your blog very much. It’s one of at least a dozen that I follow, plus FB, Diana’s web site, other web sites, Starz, podcasts….everything I can squeeze in the time for. Are you following Candida’s blog? She’s amazing.

    I record all the episodes then transfer them to DVD. I like to watch on my ginormous computer monitor because we still have two CRT TVs. I may have to “accidentally” put my foot through the one downstairs so hubby will have to buy me a nice big flat screen. 🙂


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