Dear Claire Jamie Loves You

The looks Jamie gives Claire. How does she not know he is already head over heels for her? Oh yes the small issues of her grieving losing Frank and hoping to get back to her own time as soon as possible. Yet she is clearly comfortable with Jamie…. Oh Claire I wish you saw what we see.

My favorite looks from No Way Out episode 103 that make me sigh and thrill for oblivious Claire.


Dear Claire, Jamie loves you.

3 thoughts on “Dear Claire Jamie Loves You

  1. “How does she not know he is already head over heels for her?”

    I think she knows he definitely “likes” her, but because she still loves Frank and wants to get back to him, she won’t let herself admit it and won’t do anything more than consider Jamie her one and only friend in this alien world in which she’s landed. But her feelings for Jamie are growing and lurking under the surface and will erupt pretty soon (episode 7.) How can they not? They’re constantly getting closer to the boiling point.

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