Eye Roll of Geillis

From Episode 103, Geillis listening to Claire talking to her husband, Arthur about a boy confessing to theft and the expected punishment Father Bain in arguing for. Geillis cares not about the boy. It seems she is only in to do anything that can advance her own position.


Finally she decides to step in (hardcore eye roll a twelve year old would be impressed by) after Claire’s exhortations.


Oh beguiling Geillis.

One thought on “Eye Roll of Geillis

  1. Lotte Verbeek is a treasure. I’d never heard of her so I did some searching. She’s Dutch, which I guess we all knew, but she sings, dances and speaks not only Dutch and English, but also French, Italian and German. I found this 7-minute clip of her in various rolls. I watched “The Borgias” and I recognize her in that now from the clip, but I didn’t remember having seen her. She looks VERY different as Geillis.



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