The Earasaid – Woman’s “kilt”

Guide to making an earasaid. Oh I must have one of these garments.



The earasaid is quite a beautiful garment that is not often spoken of alongside the favored kilt.

Windsor’s Scottish history gives a detailed explanation and what accessories would be worn in the 18th century.

Kandlwyck has a variety for sale and pictures to browse.

I would love to see Outlander fan women wearing the earasaid. The idea of women showing off their clan or Outlander tartans and representing in this way is a beautiful thought.

3 thoughts on “The Earasaid – Woman’s “kilt”

  1. I attend Ren Faires regularly and wear my earasaid proudly. It is a beautiful piece and I love the versatility of the garment. I now love that Outlander will being many more fans of the traditional garb.


  2. Anne Browne/Nancy Parsons says:

    My absolute favorite garb as merchant Anne Browne with SCA. Bold, extremely versatile and most feminine! Thank you for displaying my photo!
    (Nancy Parsons, proprietor, Kandlwyck Heirloom Clothiers)


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