7 thoughts on “Season 1 Ends In Port

  1. Loweena Marie Cripps says:

    Wonderful series, glad to finally see the Outlander book series from Diana Gabaldon come to life.


  2. amorley552014 says:

    Thanks for all of these photos! Do you know how long the cast has off before season 2 starts filming? They do deserve a break!


  3. Gwenna says:

    The Wentworth experiences were difficult to read, as was the rough sexual encounter between Jamie and Claire where their souls eventually blend…
    A book can be put aside while the reader takes a much needed break…I’ll have to record the next series in order to take a survival breather when the visual becomes overly intense (as I know it will) ..That being said…I’m looking so forward to April 4th…
    P.S…Droughtlander sucks !!


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