Claire Must Try

Claire realized in Episode 103 that her plan to earn her freedom through garnering trust and favor yoked her further to Colum and Castle Leoch. She made herself needed. She proved her worth.

Nay a Beaton but a finer healer than they had ever seen.


She finds herself desperate to escape. Desperate to get back to Craigh na Dun. She wants only to get back to her time, to Frank, to her life.

She undoubtedly will try as she might to meet her goal.

Ultimately, complications arise for her, Jamie and the Highlander men from her actions.

As always, I am rooting for Claire, her passion, and sometimes impractical, rash ways.



2 thoughts on “Claire Must Try

  1. amorley552014 says:

    She and Jamie did get the prettiest horses! A bit off subject! But there was the photo of Claire on the horse…. Well she has to realize just what folly she is about to commit by leaving the 18th century before she content to stay. Unless she almost did it she would always be conflicted. Nothing would have been as good as it was.


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