Claire was put through the emotional and physical ringer in a Episode 104, The Gathering.


Trying desperately to escape. At every turn someone is in her way. Angus, Rupert, Sentries, Mrs. Fitz, Laoghaire, drunken clansmen, Dougal, even Jamie who she trips upon in the stable.

She is nearly assaulted, actually assaulted by Graham and questioned by Geillis under the guise of helpful conversation.

Her escape plan goes to hell as she explained to Jamie. He knows the truth and simply guides her in the moment as to what is wise. (The ever practical and protective Jamie. This of course after pulling his dirk on her during the tripping scene.)



The boar hunt has it’s own complications. She and Dougal somehow perfectly team up for a proper send off for fatally injured Geordie after Dougal saves her from a deadly boar.



She had a terrifically difficult and disappointing couple of days with a few high notes. To cap it off, Dougal swoops in at the end and informs Claire they are hitting the road to collect rents in the morning.




She is our Claire. Thank you Cait.


One thought on “Foiled

  1. Lovely review, thank you and I agree that Cait is truly our Claire. Also so tickled to see Ron’s gorgeous costume in the title shot!


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