Jamie Is…

I am going to start by saying James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is not perfect. You read that correctly. He is not perfect.

He is a good man. An honest man. A practical man. A passionate man. An educated man. A fiery tempered man. A protective man. He is a does the right thing even at cost to himself man. He is a vibrantly sexual man. He is a proud man. He is a family man. He is a serious man. He is a funny man. He is a religious man. He is a handsome man. He is a loyal man. He is a gallant man. He is a man who loves deeply and well.

Women fall in love with him for many reasons, not because he is perfect. He is a whole, many layers, a man of depth. He is not the every man this is truth. He is not average.

If a real life man feels threatened by Jamie or his girlfriend’s or wife’s longing for him, perhaps he needs to buck up in some areas. I venture seek to be this type of man.

Women crave the attainable. He is not simply fiction.

To have your man see you, know you, love you, desire you, partner with you, need you and allow himself to be needed by you, stick with you through thick and thin, times of want and plenty, to fight for you in the relationship and in the world, that my friends is a powerful, meaningful love.

Those men do exist. Jamie simply models it extremely well in my opinion.

Thank you Diana Gabaldon for not being afraid to write this man into existence, greatness and flaws all.


14 thoughts on “Jamie Is…

  1. carole says:

    what I think makes Jamie so amazing isn’t just all of the above attributes you discussed but his absolute honesty. He never holds back whether it’s passion or anger, you know exactly what your in for and why. I love how he turns to Claire in a completely random moment and asks if the feeling ever lessens, the wanting I mean. sigh…..Every woman on earth would love to be in a relationship that open and honest. No mind games just truth and reckless abandon…..that is the “jamie” we search for in every man.


  2. amorley552014 says:

    You got it. No one is ever perfect. But honesty is wonderful. That is not often achieved these days, sadly. Luckily I had one. Hopefully I can find another.


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