Ep106 Unfiltered Responses

The Garrison Commander Episode 106 requires many adjectives. I will get to those in further blogs regarding this episode.


My unfiltered gut reactions follow.

1. McBaby Handsomeness at your service

2. Nah man I’m a guest. All well.

3. You’re still coming with me.

4. Ah lovely escorts. My people. I can breathe. La la la la la.

5. Oh damn the mud. Garrison what the what.

6. Pompous sons o bitches. Um I mean Sir Lord Thomas et al

7. Oh WHAT he did not just call Dougal a creature.

8. Dougal 1, 2, 3, 4 Thomas 0

9. Claire working the room.

10. Freedom I can taste it

11. WTAH BJR spoiler mcspoilerson


13. Dun dun duh 👀

14. The bitchy dust off

15. An English lady and Scottish war chief walk into a bar… Buddy flick.

16. Ooooh scurrilous my new favorite word.

17. FREEDOM Claire simmer down girl.

18. Super Claire to the rescue.

19. Um, uh why are you being shaved?!

20. Bowchickawowwow Giving Frank a shave and ride.

21. Bloody hell we’re alone.

22. Whoops the claret spilled out the window.

23. Honesty. Shmonesty.

24. Claire 1 Randall 0

25. Nipple rouge. Shexy.

26. Trollop hands down. Yup. Yup.

27. Rake and whoremonger. Another buddy film.

28. What? Huh? Who? Jacobites? Nope. Never heard of them.

29. Scary flogging monologuing. Make it stop. La la la la la la whip cracks la la la fonging sicko la la la WTF la la la

30. Beauty – and I passed out

31. Dark? DARK? Dude epic twisted. Darkness runs from you,

32. You bastard. Gasp.

33. Soft?????? Oh my gawd.

34. Enter Super Dougal! I see unicorns and glitter and exploding hearts.

35. Sure yeah Ft William check. RIDE.

36. Vapor’s of Hell truth spring. A’ight you clean.

37. I got a plan see… Poof yer a Scot.

38. I like corn.

39. You ken what to do. Sure.

40. Drink, drink, give me the fonging bottle.





Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

I might need to lie down now.

More posts to come.

2 thoughts on “Ep106 Unfiltered Responses

  1. I barely breathed in the scene with Claire and Black Jack. Tobias was astonishing. What a performance. Claire wasn’t half bad either. The flogging…O..M..G! What an amazing job by the make up crew. I couldn’t believe it when Jack called Jamie’s back “beautiful….we’re creating a masterpiece.” What a sicko. This episode gutted me. I should go to bed, but I’m afraid I’ll have nightmares.


  2. amorley552014 says:

    Beautiful masterpiece my arse! Stop hurting our man! What I would do to you BJR if I had gotten a hold of…. What? Tell me you were not thinking it? No, really,not til the 2nd viewing cuz we were too caught up in the moment of Black Jack Randall being mesmerizing. Brilliant!


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