Him Her Them They Become


The church
The priest
The witnesses
All set
A willing groom
A needful bride
Splendor both in finery
The vows
The Ring
Blood oath connects and binds
Kissing his
Responding into his dedicated lips
Sorry is she
Oh no
Conflicted is she
Awkward mere kindred acquaintances they
A virgin
He wants her
In the flesh, in the spirit
To be one and no more two
A worried, sad, obligated she
Attraction screams in her being
A ghost at her side holding reality at bay
She fights it
Makes peace by whisky and words
Stones crossed their paths
Not a bigamist be
To be official
To be in lust
Breaking all away in his arms she
A legality earned
A partnership born
A love to cross time
Seeds into vines of ever connected strength to grow
They become




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