9 thoughts on “Be Here When I Get Back Ep108

      • We haven’t even seen that episode yet, nor do we know how it will be done, but I’m puzzled by the number of comments like, “Don’t tell me it’s OK because that’s what they did in the 18th Century.” Well, it IS something that happened in the 18th Century so I don’t know why people wouldn’t expect it to be included. And it will be because Cait has already talked about how tricky that scene was to film.


      • “Punitive” — absolutely. And it was more like something that Jamie knew was expected of him than actually wishing to hurt Claire. I can understand (and accept) that.


  1. Sorry… ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?’ is running through my head. “If I go there will be trooooouble, if I stay it will be dooooouble. So you’ve gotta let me know… should I stay or should I go?”


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