Hiatus Management Tactics

It was well known season one was being split into two equal parts. What was unknown the length of hiatus. Today the hiatus was announced by Starz and various other entertainment sources. Outlander will return April 4, 2015. Six months and a week. Quite a lengthy break indeed.


This luxe show needs time in post production. Maril Davis, producer posted on Twitter this week that the 200th day of shooting had been reached for season one. Yes you read that correctly, 200th day. Think for a moment, while we have been enjoying episodes, filming wrapped just THIS week on the rest of season one.

That is an incredible milestone.

I, for one, would rather have a wait for a finely completed second half, than accept a rushed product because I want it now daddy!

So how can any of us manage the hiatus without an Outlander multistep recovery plan? Simply put, we cannot.

Hiatus Management Tactics

1. Read or re-read the entire Outlander series.

2. Listen to Outlander series audiobooks. Walk around sounding like Davina Porter.

3. Watch episodes 101-108 until you have every scene and dialogue memorized. Then act out for your friends, animals,coworkers.

4. Host a quarterly whisky tasting party.

5. Learn to knit.

6. Learn gàidhlig.

7. Convince your male honey to wear a kilt or female honey to wear an Earasaid.

8. Have Outlander themed dinner parties (Outlander Kitchen to the rescue). And drinks.

9. Get together with other Outlanders for a read along, view along and discussion group. And drinks.

10. Research18th century Scotland for yourself. Become an expert.

11. Make Outlander inspired clothing, gifts, etc. For the Etsy shop you have always wanted to open.

12. Take an herbal medicine course. Or bone up on 18th century medical practices.

13. Learn traditional Highland songs.

14. Start wearing a corset and a shift. Forget the underwear.

15. Research your genealogy.

16. Travel to Scotland.

17. Design Outlander based games. And drink.

18. Make fanart, blog, or vlog about Outlander.

19. Create cosplay outfits from each century. Plan a trip to xxxcon.

20. Listen to every Outlander based podcast again.

21. Find your own hot ginger.

22. Plan a retreat to gather Outlander friends for a weekend. And drink.

23. Do a bit of marital or partner reading of Outlander together every night.

24. Have a big ass “I miss Outlander” pity party.

25. If all else fails, get your whisky drink on like Claire.

What do you have planned for the six months in between?

26. I plan on practicing being an excellent hoor.

10 thoughts on “Hiatus Management Tactics

  1. Connie Sandlin (@Yr_Obt_Svt) says:

    And after some of this program, a few of us may need a 12 step program, or an intervention. Well done, lass!


  2. Shelia DeSantis says:

    Good job! Some of these I will do…(my husband liked the ‘hoor suggestion… )
    But really thanks for some” in perspective”. We fans need that!


  3. Silvia says:

    I don´t know what to think quite honestly. I think this has to do more with the tactics of Startz, new shows etc… I honestly believe that 7 months break is a long long break,for a new show and only 8 episodes??I truly believe that it will affect the show.


    • There are many shows that only have 10 episodes the entire season so the fact that we’re getting 16 in 12 months I think is great. And this show is postproduction heavy. They just finished filming two days ago the entire first season so I cannot see how they could get it done faster than 5 to 6 months.and it is six months and a week. In some areas it might be longer though.


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