The Wedding Personal Parallels


When The Wedding, episode 107 aired, as a reader since 1991, I was so happy to see it unfold as a reader. I was excessively excited. My dear friend Gina, my husband M and I prepared a feast and dressed up for the viewing together. My sweetie even donned his Ross tartan kilt for the occasion. We watched it twice the three of us. Oh the wonderful.

I watched again the next morning to painstakingly take notes and screen capture for blog posts and my mini podcast I had planned for this blog. Lo and behold as I recorded the second of three mini (not so mini) podcasts,
memories from my own wedding preparation and the big day flashed before me.

I actually started to get choked up and teary eyed. I was taken off guard in such a pleasant and unexpected way.

Let me back up for a moment to give some background to my personal story before getting to the parallels.

Obviously I did not travel back in time nor did I marry a younger virginal man. You see I brought Outlander, a refrigerator, and two cats to this marriage. Those and a wild family!

This November marks our 20th wedding anniversary. Completely amazing because it has seemingly flown by. That is until I look in the mirror or hear our four sons all over our house. Then I see where the years have gone.

So what parallels between The Wedding of Jamie and Claire and my own real life wedding exist?

1. This would be my second marriage and my husband’s first.

When he proposed to me, it was my idea that we simply get married and forgo the church, the dress and the guest list. We could throw a reception afterward. Perfect I thought. He was flatly appalled. There was no way he was agreeing to that.

2. He said he was only going to get married once and he wanted to do it right.

3. He said he wanted a proper wedding in a church, with a pastor, me in a wedding dress, and our friends and family in attendance.

I should not have been because my love is so sentimental and true, but I was shocked that it was so important to him. I was thinking it is the marriage not the wedding that matters. That did not fly at all with him. I am very practical at times. Almost Vulcan in response.

4. My husband did a large part of the wedding planning, he helped make decorations, flower girl baskets and adding the roses to the flower girl dresses, among tending to many other things and details. He presented to me on our wedding day handmade satin kneeling pillows he himself made for when we took communion after being wed.

5. He remembers every single minute of our wedding day. I was so nervous and stressed about being the center of attention, I kept thinking I was going to fall on my face as I came down the aisle. I honestly don’t remember every detail because it was so overwhelming for me. And no, I was not Claire wedding day drunk, but I did have one cocktail during the getting ready process to steel my nerves. My husband refused any alcohol until after the ceremony.

When it was time for our vows he almost yelled I do. The laughter that flowed through the church pews was so perfect and sweet. Totally endearing and sincere, like my husband. Like Jamie utterly all in.

It was a beautiful warm November day we were surrounded by many who loved us. Truth be told if I could go back in time and repeat it, I would still push for a “let’s just get married” moment, but I’m really glad I agreed to the wedding because it was so important to him. He was and is so important to me.

I consider my love, a king of men in our world.

This next spring we plan on being in Scotland for a family trip and I would love to renew our vows there. I’ll need find an old lovely Kirk. I look forward to being surrounded by our children and hopefully friends from Scotland I have made directly or indirectly because of Outlander.

A sweet tale. From my heart to yours.






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