Outlander, Fandom, Oh My!


So here we are in the midst of Season One of the Starz TV series hiatus and about 5 months post the 8th book in the Outlander series, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (MOBY) being released.

The swell of fans rising, old and new together, pure readers,  readers who became show watchers, show watchers who became readers, and pure show watchers. Outlandertopia.

For a time, it was such a lovely almost insulated space to be in the Outlander fandom. I swear one could hear kumbaya.

Today I am aghast. There is much cattiness, speaking terribly about this group or that, shaming other fans for having a differing opinion or point of view, bordering on cruelty at times.

Spaces, places, and groups….

There really is an abundance of connecting points available through websites and social media. The many spaces and places for fans to join with if desired. If one does join a group, follow the rules and desires of the group or leave it without nastiness. It is all a choice.  No one has to participate in a space, place, or group that does not resonate with or operate in a way that is right for the individual fan. Heck, start something new, if nothing fits what is already out there.

Moving on…..

No ONE person, group or leaders own the fandom or all that is Outlander.

Recently, I had someone on Twitter tell me I could not run an Outlander chat because “x” was planning on doing a chat. My thought, “And, your point being?” along with “REALLY?!”. I am frankly, still shocked and agitated about it. Again, NO one owns Outlander fandom. My timeline, my blog, my podcast, I can do and say what I choose. Read it, listen to it or not. No one is being forced to follow me or what I do. It is all a choice.

There is room for all the fan voices who choose to participate whether artistically, with words, running pages, creating jewelry, making podcasts, etc.

Outlander is big enough.


The people who love Outlander do not fit into one box. The vast majority are excessively kind, fun, supportive, wonderful people. Yet there are some that are creepy, gossipy, trolling, and downright obnoxious, who are using social media like a bunch of mean girls. I am ashamed for them. That said, they have the right to be such if they choose to be.

EVERY fandom has such personalities when humans are involved. The perceived bad apples, do not ruin all the lush apple trees.

The most awful part of this for me is what these fans are throwing at the cast. The cast are real PEOPLE. They are not their parts. They are not their physiques. They each have their own lives and deserve privacy. What each does on his or her own off time, is his or her own business. I give not one care who is kissing who, who is dating who or what parties are being attended. I care about the work. So dehumanizing and damaging the attitude we own Sam, Cait, or any of the rest of them. They are not meat. Each did not sign up for no personal life because of doing their jobs well bringing our favorite characters to screen.

My .02 or perhaps .25 cents.  No we cannot all get along or like each other, but we can all coexist without trying to strong arm, oversee, or self righteously claim the true way to be a fan.

I’ll be over here in my sandbox if any want to come and play alongside.





8 thoughts on “Outlander, Fandom, Oh My!

  1. Patricia says:

    Very well said! You know the old saying, “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”


  2. Indeed, I fully agree; I find myself so often cringing at how others are treating the actors. Where in the world do those people get off even thinking they have any right to comment about another person’s life choices. I too am just so grateful that they have done such a tremendous job bringing the awesomeness of Outlander to the screen. I’ll be playing in your sandbox.


  3. Connie Sandlin (@Yr_Obt_Svt) says:

    I’m trying to ignore the cattiness of some folks and focus on the positive, but it seems some people have boundary issues.


  4. I have no patience for the cattiness. I belong to only two Facebook Outlander-related groups that have zero tolerance for insults or drama. Also, discussion of the actors’ private lives are off limits. Life’s too short. 😉


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