A Love That…….

What Claire and Jamie share is a love full, complex, enduring, like Outlander itself.

Struck by what their love is, I am inspired to write.I quip and ponder.

What an example of love they hold. Inspiring. A target to reach for. A love not perfect, yet perfectly beautiful. Attainable by all? I am not sure. But it does exist in this world. Hope it gives with an absolute yes I say.

In the beginning, Jamie dares to love Claire with all he is, all his worth. Jamie loves this way first. Claire opens to him because she must. They become one.

In a fairly short time her love for him is matched of his to her. Deeply bonded, yoked, utterly together they are.

My list is in no order. A stream of consciousness offering.

What would you add?

A love that does the right thing even though it causes pain and loss.

A love that cannot be denied or ignored.

A love that none other can quench.

A love that protects and heals.

A love that pours out into others.

A love that penetrates and the captors willing.

A love that binds without end.

A love that is courageous.

A love that is loyal.

A love that endures across time.

A love that is properly jealous of those who try to come in between.

A love that encircles with a sense of belonging, family.

A love that says trust.

A love of raw, fierce passion.

A love that willingly possesses and allows for possession.

A love sturdy, comfortable and solid.

A love that time and separation cannot break. While the heart beats connected they stay. Perhaps even unto death.

A love that accepts who each other is. Sees in full without looking away.

A love with the power and fortitude to cast out demons. Claire to Jamie

A love that blazes and burns deep into secure passionate glowing warmth.

A love that says you are mine, I am yours.

A love that claims and reclaims again, again, and again.

3 thoughts on “A Love That…….

  1. I am in the process of re-reading the books. This time I see the respect they have for each other. The were both contributing to life and had a clear sense of themselves, going in. Those two things took them a long way towards making a sound relationship. This occured to me while reading last night…Both have lost their parents, and there is that unconditional love, parental-type love, between them, too. Losing parents when you are young, leaves a hole. The emotionally mature partner can help heal that.


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