Outlander Offerings Video 12/1/14

Starz Outlander is putting out 25 days of Outlander Offerings to get fans through the season.

Author Diana Gabaldon posted the December 1 video.

Wonderful stills below. Enjoy.

IMG_5254.PNG Simply lovely light and landscape.

IMG_5255.PNG Jamie

IMG_5256.PNG All together now.

IMG_5257.PNG A body.


IMG_5259.PNG Brothers MacKenzie in conflict.

IMG_5260.PNG And away or to they ride.

IMG_5261.PNG Claire in motion.

IMG_5262.PNG Jamie stern, troubled.


IMG_5264.PNG Apologetic Claire.

IMG_5265.PNG At the ready.

IMG_5266.PNG BJR and Claire.

IMG_5267.PNG Jamie under attack.

IMG_5268.PNG Claire

IMG_5269.PNG April seems forever away.

IMG_5270.PNG Near subliminal messaging blip vert.

The holiday season is looking up,

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