The 5 Most Shocking Voyager Revelations

Stop don’t read further if you don’t wish to know what happens 20 years down the Outlander timeline. posted an article sharing “The 5 Most Shocking Revelations from Diana Gabaldon’s Novel Voyager”.

They are indeed shockers that catapult the reader into a veritable tizzy of emotions.

These moments include:

Jamie becoming
a post-Culloden Legend

Frank leaving Claire and dying in the process.

Laoghaire and Jamie marrying under the hand of Jenny Murray (Jamie’s sister).

William being born to Lady Geneva.

Claire’s return.

What are your favorite shockers from Any of the books?


One thought on “The 5 Most Shocking Voyager Revelations

  1. anngreader11 says:

    I loved Jamie becoming a legend in his own time. I hated Jenny for matching Jamie with THAT FEMALE. If Claire can forgive Jenny, and become reconciled to her, maybe I will, too. However, I will never forget.
    Of course, Claire’s SUCCESSFUL return to Jamie is my favorite…and when Jamie faints from SHOCK. I know that Jamie is afraid of Claire leaving again if he tells her that he married THAT FEMALE, but he should have told her…and not let her find out THAT WAY.YEA for Young Ian for chasing after her when CLAIRE did run.
    It’s not really Jamie’s fault for Lady Geneva…he was forced to it to protect his family. After all, Geneval did pay for it in the end, unlike THAT FEMALE…
    I do wish that William was Jamie’s son WITH Claire.


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