Design and Trend Outlander “Spanking” Article

Design and Trend article has excerpts from cast interviews regarding Reckonings and the rest of part 2 season 1.

I have to say again, the reference to the strapping scene as a spanking raises my ire. In this day and age spanking beckons thoughts of sex play or a young child getting a swat on the bottom by a parent.

Regardless of modern sensibilities, a husband taking punitive action historically is based in truth. That said, maybe not in Scotland as a whole in that era, however, in fictionalized Jamie Fraser’s world of justice, responsibility taking, it is.

As a reader, I could accept the actions for a variety if reasons, including both their mental states after the series of traumatic events occurring within very short time frame.

What say you? Is spanking a reasonable word to utilize for this scene?

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