Elle: How Many Women Does It Take…

In the Elle article, “How many women foes it take to make a perfect sex scene?” delves into sex in Hollywood, depictions of women in sex scenes, the difference in how the Outlander book and Starz TV series handles it.

Yes! Looking at the wedding night, a virgin groom, experienced bride, this article nails (no pun intended) many key points on why Outlander sex is, well some of the best sex scenes I have ever scene written.

The series writers’ room did a fine adaptation in this well anticipated episode.

To answer the question, in basic four. Diana Gabaldon, Anne Kenney, Anna Foerster, and of course Caitriona Balfe for ultimately embodying Claire.

Female sexuality is incredibly well written by Diana Gabaldon. Claire never apologizes for her sexuality as we too often see in depictions of women. Diana Gabaldon throughout the aging of the characters, sex is scene as positive, empowering, and normal even into deep middle age (so far). As an, ahem, middle ager now, I know this to be possible and true. Way to go DG,

I am thankful the series writing team is running with and pushing further the structure and tone DG already established so well.

Great article by Elle.

And a few fabulous photos.




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