Ep109 Starz Sneak Peek

Before the Black Sails season premiere Ronald D. Moore introduced the sneak peek episode 109 The Reckoning first scene clip.

We are seeing the first of likely many “JAMMFback” moments. A Jamie flashback sequence.

Jamie is skipping stones, explaining what it took before he knew he had turned into a man. Very interesting how he begins his monologue….. Did you catch it?

There is a mysterious blond woman in the scene as well. Wild speculation who that is. The woman the duel in Paris was over is what the vast majority believe. Me as well.

Hearing his point of view is a complete mind shift. Heck an alter universe shift for readers. That said, it is quite intriguing to be in his perspective too versus Claire’s alone.

I have exceedingly high hopes for the second half of season one to outdo the spectacular first half.

I am not sure what I was expecting for this clip but it was milder than I thought it would be. I liked it overall but I guess I had a slightly different expectation.

I predict Outlander will get better and better as each actor fits into his or her character’s skin more even more comfortably.

Screen caps can be found in this post.


7 thoughts on “Ep109 Starz Sneak Peek

  1. Susan says:

    I was initially disappointed, due to some unknown expectations for action or dialogue. But, Caitriona Balfe called this the “opening scene” and it is reminiscent of Claire’s voice over in the very first opening scene of Episode one. In that context, I think it works. Nice to hear Jamie’s beautiful voice and rolling “r’s” once again. It also reminded me that he has a gut wrenching choice to make.

    The blonde in the background I’m guessing is the girl from France, Annalise, whom Jamie fights his first duel over and the rock tossing scene is a flashback. He clothes are much darker and brighter, not as faded as they are now. But, I find it odd that the writers would be willing to give us a reminder of Jamie’s love for another at this point in the show—when we’re coming back expecting the rescue.


  2. gail d says:

    Oh my, a detail I totally missed….It is a scene about the past, so this makes sense… Thank you!!!! Yes, a total blast from the past……


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