4 thoughts on “Outlander Soundtrack Drops

  1. gail d says:

    I just received my copy in the mail minutes ago.!!!…I have a question (just a detail)….In the first episode 101, after the Dance of the Druids, was that Raya Yarbrough who comes back to the stones to retrieve something she forgot and sits on a rock for a while? I wonder why this happened…..Thanks.


  2. gail d says:

    Sorry I think I wasn’t clear in my question. When Claire and Frank were still at the stones, there was a Druid dancer who came back to the site where they had danced, retrieved whatever she forgot and then sat on a rock..(meanwhile Claire and Frank were hiding and watching her) Was that Druid dancer Raya Yarbrough (who sings Skye Boat song and the Druid chant, too) who is also married to Bear, the composer?


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