Similarities to Claire

After being an Outlander fan since 1991 it struck me recently how much I have in common with Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser. Does that make me a narcissist for loving her so or a kindred spirit?

The most obvious, we both possess the “hair that don’t care” one bit. Brown and curly.

Mine are green brown hazel, however, the brown is the same whisky shade.

Vernacular, Style, and Personality
I too speak bluntly, frankly, clinically, authoritatively, and sometimes with an effortless yet surprising blue streak.

Sometimes I am rash in action and speech. Holding my tongue is not a simple act either.

I will fight tooth and nail.

I can lack a fear of men in the same way.

I am a feminist believing in equality.

I sometimes do the opposite of what I say.

I am confident in my sexuality with a healthy appetite.

I protect those I love. I would kill if I had to.

I must come to aid of another.

I am a terrible liar unless I must for a serious reason.

I love nature, men, and participating in life.

I love a hot bath to soak in.

I am passionate, fierce, and loving.

My first husband was of English descent and my second is part Highland Scot (okay not full blooded I concede this). I was almost 19 first go round and 27 my second.

I am a midwife. Not quite the military nurse or physician, but I hold my own. I know about herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, and many medications. Planning additional training.

I lost my mother at a young age.

I am a working mother.

How are you like our Claire?




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