Wedding Night Pillow Talk

A People Magazine exclusive, the  alternate version of  pillow talk between Claire and Jamie on their wedding night. Ronald D. Moore introduces this clip giving background on the original filming that concluded with the flashback to when Claire and Frank were married and the decision to edit the scene into the montage version we saw in the completed aired episode.


The discussion begins with an almost kiss with Claire at the last moment asking Jamie to tell her about his family. Sweet and nervous.




Taking turns they talk about his dad, mother, some extended family, the tragic passing of her parents when she was young, how his parents met and married.






A key moment that stands out to me in this scene highlights the absolute necessity of this marriage between Jamie and Claire.

Here is the setup:

Claire responds to Jamie talking about Colum wishing Ellen to marry Malcolm Grant to bring the clans together.  She says, “Your mother was not in love with Malcolm Grant?.  Facing away while pouring whisky, Jamie practically says,  “Love and marriage do not always go hand in hand Sassenach”.  Claire shifts uncomfortably in her seat, trying to regain composure and mutters “indeed” in a low breath. He is visibly disquieted blinking and resetting himself before turning around to continue the storytelling.











I cringed with them watching this. The awkwardness. The newness. The gravity of words at this stage of their barely launched and tenuous union. The realization they know very little of each other yet must consummate this marriage to turn Claire into a Scotswoman for her own safety against Black Jack Randall’s demands.

This entire scene has depth, a subtlety that emanates clearly the excitement and difficulties of Claire and Jamie’s circumstances.

Viewing this scene in the full versus the montage version provides a continuity, a back and forth that is enthralling. The emotions are felt purely and progressively. Truly a lovely experience to view it as a whole.




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