Channel Guide Magazine Sam Heughan Interview

Channel Guide Magazine interviewed Sam Heughan aka JAMMF about his role, the second half of Season 1, and about off screen relationships.

I quite like how Sam  frames the upcoming episodes and the struggles to come for Claire and Jamie. 

He realistically defines Jamie Fraser as a character,  imperfections and all. 

When asked about Cait on and off screen, he nearly gushes about her in the most gentlemanly way.

A fresh and bit more mature read as Sam seems seasoned and truly comfortable with his Outlander skin on.

The intense experiences on set must bond the actors very closely. It clearly takes and builds immense trust and intimacy in each other in character and out.  For me this dynamic definitely pours off screen into the friendship they have established.

Photos from the article and attributed to Outlander Starz.

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