Maniacs Choice Television Awards Outlander Wins

Brought to you by T.V. Show and Movie Maniacs, the Maniacs Choice Television Awards are posting several wins by Outlander. 

Congratulations to Bear, Caitriona, Sam, and the whole Outlander TV Series team.

Outstanding opening theme.

Bear McCreary truly beautiful music he makes. Always spot on and stirring.

Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Series.

Well of course it is! An obsessive adventurous jaunt with the best lead female character.

Outstanding Actress in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Series. 

Caitriona Balfe is an AMAZING actress who embodies Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser. She becomes her flawlessly.

Outstanding Actor in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Series.

Sam Heughan morphs into JAMMF (Jamie Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser) with power and subtlety. He is our imperfect hero.

Favorite On-Screen Chemistry

I have been shouting from social media about the palpable chemistry Caitriona and Sam share. Claire and Jamie are a force of passion, love, strength, purpose together. These two show us what that means. Our book dreams realized.


Favorite TV Villain.

No argument here. He causes involuntary physical shudders and emotional dischord. He is wicked, terrorizing evil with a charm thatdraws moths to flame.

Outstanding New TV Series.

EditYES. ‘Nuf said. So anticipated and incredibly well done. The vision of the production team keeps fans wanting more,

4 thoughts on “Maniacs Choice Television Awards Outlander Wins

  1. Wow! How awesome is that. Who voted for these awards? I don’t recall seeing anything about them so voting must not have been open to the public.


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