To Ransom A Man’s Soul Podcast 14


At the Abbey Jamie is safe and not recovering well. Claire is aty his side along weith the Fathers and Brothers of the Abbey. Murtagh ever staeady wingman is there also.

Jamie is not doing well. He is unable to eat or drink much. He tells Claire to leave first through Murtagh then to her directly when she demands why.

Jamie tells Claire everything that happened to him at the hands of BJR at Wentworth. It is unbearable.

Claire comes to a decision after prayer and the time of quiet.

A force of will she conjures BJR and channels him to get Jamie to fight back and be reclaimed, redeemed, healed.

This is a heavy podcast topic and mature content.

2 thoughts on “To Ransom A Man’s Soul Podcast 14

  1. Brenda Walls says:

    I always thought that in the chapel when Claire mentioned “holding a human soul…..” That was “Faith’s soul”.


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