Outlander Inspired Tours of Scotland

Outlander has created jobs and inspired tourism from the book series and now from the Starz TV production an even larger economic increase.

Someday we might see a special called “How Diana Gabaldon Saved Scotland”.  (Trekkies likely will get the reference.)

For those wanting to visit and not go it alone or want assistance in trip planning, there are numerous tour companies to choose from and sites where help can be found.

Links will be added as more options are recommended.

Enjoy your planning.

Scotland Dream Tours

Outlandish Journeys

Carnegie Touring

Clans and Castles

Celtic Journeys

Inverness Tours

Vacation Scotland

Jamie and Claire Tour

Visit Scotland

Edinburgh Outlander Walking Tours

Lynott Tours

WOW Scotland

Outlander Tours of Scotland

Interactive Outlander Map

My Family Vacation Planner

Sceptre Tours

Scottish Rover

Brit Movie Tours

Novel Adventures Vacations

Disclaimer: I do not have personal recommendations and cannot vouch for any company or site. These came to me by recommendation or through my own research. In no way am I guaranteeing your experience.

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