Paleyfest 2015 Outlander Panel and Screencaps

Kristin Dos Santos of E! moderated the Outlander panel featuring Starz TV Series stars Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Executive Produce Ronald D. Moore, and Author Diana Gabaldon. 

One of the best panels ever. Kristin is truly fantastic! She started the panel with an Outlander Whisky drinking game. Saucing up the panelists was a very smart move Kristin. 

It was a veritable love fest amongst the cast. Clearly they cannot tolerate each other at all. 

Sam and Tobias get on exceptionally well. A bromance seems to have been forged. 

Cait laughed and charmed her way through whatever Kristin through at them. Oh for the record she woukd kill Father Bain, marry Frank, and screw Jamie.  Good choices.

There was a newlywed game. Sam enlisted the aid of Tobias to answer. Always ganging up on Cait! 

Diana goes to bat for reader fans at times when special dialogue is cut. She also outed the casts bloopers. Eff bombs apparently fly when lines are messed up.

Ron explained the challenge of addressing reader fans and viewer fans. He pretty much said what I did in my podcast yesterday. I feel a bit prophetic. 

A few audience members were called upon to ask questions. The best questions would get a key ring made by Sam. One of the questions caused Ron to shout out to Anne Kenney who was behind the wedding episode. You can see her toward the end if the screen caps.

A delicious romp into Outlander tonight.

It was do good to see and hear from them all.

Check out hashtag #outlanderpaley for all the tweets during the panel.

I hope you enjoy the multitude of screen captures.

5 thoughts on “Paleyfest 2015 Outlander Panel and Screencaps

  1. Can you please tell me where you found the video from which you made the screencaps…Hulu, YouTube, somewhere else? i’d love to watch it.


      • OK. Not a problem anymore because I’ve found it posted several places and have watched it four times already. Cait was sure in rare form. Everybody was enjoying themselves it seems and for once, the moderator was good. Loved that she had the game first to loosen everyone up.


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