Emojis, Date Prep, A Romantic, Sam Heughan

Laura Brounstein, Special Projects Director Cosmopolitan interviewd Sam Heughan, our Highlander Jamie Fraser.  

A refreshing personal interview versus show talk, Sam revealed his love of sushi. In fact, he and costar Caitriona Balfe go out for a bite while in LA at the same time. The two of them being friends off setspeaks  volumes about their trust and bonding on set. An ease and comfort out if character gives more to the scenes in character. We all benefit from that. 

He misses Scotland and cannot wait to get back. Season Two filming begins shortly and Sam will be jaunting all over his homeland.

His favorite late night texting emojis are the lip, heart,  and tongue.  Hm, mine too.

A funny quip about doing date prep by too much weight lifting prior (doing the disco pump?!), leaving him too tired. He does say a few reps is always a good thing though to get the heart pumping. I like that he cares he looks good for his date. 

Sam is a gift giver, lkes to go one a first date that conversation is centerpiece. Sam sounds like a great date. What potential paramour would not like phone calls instead of just texting,  flowers at work, and a date who likes to talk to her?

Click here for the complete interview with Outlander’s Sam Heughan.

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