Goodreads Top Outlander Quotes Popsugar

Popsugar’s “Aye Sassenach, You’ll Want To Read These Outlander Quotes” article has Goodreads top 5 Outlander quotes. Herself, Diana Gabaldon indeed is an enthralling writer. Her words are lasting and penetrative to the mind and soul.

Pull up a seat. Hear the words spoken.


Why did you marry me?

Best-Outlander-Book-Quotes-Goodreads (1)


Traditional wedding vows not part of the Catholic vows.


Best-Outlander-Book-Quotes-Goodreads (2)

You get the picture here.


Best-Outlander-Book-Quotes-Goodreads (3)


Talking about the pain of childbirth. Jamie telling Claire it is okay that she appears to be infertile as he could not bear to see her in such distress.



They are newly married and he wants her to know they are together, a pair, a team.

Do you agree with this top 5? if not, what are your favorites? I find it very interesting that all the quotes are from Jamie to Claire. Do you have favorite Claire quotes to Jamie? He definitely seems to have the market share on words that cause swooning.

Photo Source: Popsugar article from Goodreads.


One thought on “Goodreads Top Outlander Quotes Popsugar

  1. Karen Hare says:

    “What’s fair is fair… take yours off as well”.
    Jamie says this to Claire, after she instructed him to take off his shirt, on their wedding night.


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