The Married Life Trailer




The latest trailer released by Outlander Starz looks into the newly married life of Jamie and Claire Fraser. 

Jamie is in the process of learning how it all works. They are profoundly tested as a couple. They are married before they fall in love. 

 As star, Caitriona Balfe puts it, “It’s not like there is a happily ever after straight away.”  A new place. A new life. So much to get used to.

 The journey of Claire and Jamie is incredibly worth watching as they grow together. 



Beyond the passionate attraction and physicality, there is a deeper story, a deeper relationship that will draw you in. 



If you have not fallen in love with them yet as a viewer, you will by the end of this season.    



The sex is unbelievably hot with both of them enjoying it, desiring the other.



Adventure. Drama. Decisions. The world of Claire and Jamie is never boring.



It is going to be a fabulous, challenging, and sometimes tearing your guts out ride.

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