Heart for Scotland DNA Does Not Lie

Recently I purchased the DNA kit because there are parts of my family tree that are very difficult to piece together.  I expected there would be surprises in the results.

I was so excited when the email came in.  Oh boy there are a couple of very big surprises.

I had a reasonable expectation of the Eastern European and Iberian Peninsula DNA results.  I have both maternal and paternal German grandmothers,  a great grandmother said to be from Poland, and my great grandparents who were from Central Mexico were not of native Mexican peoples. My grandmother was tall for her time with red hair and light eyes. I was told of Castillian heritage. Those results basically confirmed those family histories.

The rest of what the report said shocked and stunned me.  W hat the WHAT?!!!!

The first serious surprise is a near third of my DNA is from Great Britain. But I am a GerMexiPol. How is this true? DNA does not lie. My mind is completely blown. I dare say, obliterated. No one in my family has ever thought this so. No stories. No names.  My guess is the ancestors who settled in Mexico where my maternal great grandparents were born, were of Iberian Peninsula/Great Britain descent.







Apparently my DNA is the answer as to why I have such a deep calling to Scotland and England.  That region has  beckoned to me from the depths of my soul since I was a small child.  A heart song that never quiets, never stops playing seeking me to come.

In three short weeks, I will be in Scotland. My dream is so close to fulfillment. I can almost touch it. Honestly, I cry thinking about boarding the airplane to my special heart home.  My impending journey takes on even more meaning. It is even more precious to me. Now, with these results, I can say it IS part of my homelands, not just my husband’s. I am not simply living through his DNA, but my own. DNA does not lie.

The other surprising details are that I am a chunk Scandinavian and of Italian/Greek heritage. Being part Viking along with my half Swedish husband is fabulous. My skin tone is definitely expressed by what I thought would be mostly Spanish yet is more Italian/Greek. No wonder people have asked me my whole life if I am Italian. HA! They were correct.

Sometimes surprises are of the wonderful kind. Knowing more about my ancestral background fills in the puzzle pieces of my heart.

Look for many posts and podcasts when my trip commences venturing in Outlander land.



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3 thoughts on “Heart for Scotland DNA Does Not Lie

  1. pmore60 says:

    I’ve considered taking the Ancestry DNA test. Now, after reading your blog, I’m definitely going to order one. Thanks for sharing!


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