EW Pop Culture Personality Test

Click to view EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test featuring Sam “Jamie Fraser” Heughan and Caitriona “Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser” Balfe. 


These two are fun and free together. I know so many fans want them to be a real life couple, but I am just happy to see them enjoying each other as friends. Their unbeatable chemistry on and off screen elevate Outlander above and beyond other quality shows. 

 The screen caps speak for themselves.


Wait for it….. Caitriona’s answer will blow your mind.

Drum roll… John Goodman. Sam’s face!!!!!



Now for Sam’s truly unbelievable pick.

Who could it be?

None other than Jessica Rabbit.


Psssst Sam. She’s animated.


  Either of them inebriated singing karaoke would be fantastic. 

I have no idea what that song is.

Caitriona did say she was very drunk.  

Of course you were, Cait.


  Caitriona imagining the moment. 

  I have no idea about this song either.


Thry both had the same answer. 


“Bad” cute recitation of….


“Hey! I’m walking here!”

They are the next Crosby and Hope. Maybe some new on the road movies for them.


  Sam never answered. 

The Word.

What would you do to be on tv? Sam’s response was lively expression.  

Duh! As if I have to say it.


I have…..

Caitriona thinking.  

Sat next to a GINGER.


Ye always go back to the ginger.

She’s more than sat next to one. Just sayin’.  

So full of adorable. 


I completely agree. Well done you two.

Thank you Entertainment Weekly.

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