The Changeling Episode 1×10 Preview

The latest preview clip from Outlander Episode 110 from Starz is The Changeling.

The eerie lighting and landscape are the perfect backgrounds for faeries and changelings. Is it any wonder Scots were and are a fair bit superstitious and believed in such things? I would like to believe faeries exist there, even though they are not as cute or safe as contemporary views would make them out to be.

Thoroughly warned by Geillis, Claire decides to find the changeling, the sick child.
      Sometimes it is easier for parents to believe a faerie stole their child, than a sickly child of their own died.     Geillis seems to fit the very definition of what witchy is here. I love the costuming and the makeup to foreshadow what is to come.    Again the theme of choices causing ripples into the future. This is a dangerous place and Claire still does not fully comprehend how large consequences can be even for an action that might be deemed good.      Foreboding is the best I can describe how this clip gets into me.

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2 thoughts on “The Changeling Episode 1×10 Preview

  1. I have always been struck by the fact that in spite of Geillis suspicions of Claire she seemed to reach out to her. Whether in friendship or sensing someone like herself, she did try to save her. I do hope that when they renew for season three Lotte will reprise her role.


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