2 thoughts on “The Search Episode 1×14 Podcast 21

  1. Racquel Morgan says:

    I just listened to your “The Search,” podcast and felt it very insightful. I agree with you that last week should have had more Jamie and Claire intimate moments, just to see how much their love has grown. To me, that is the story, the ever-growing, never-ending love between Jamie & Claire, regardless of what is thrown at them and us. It doesn’t bother me that scenes are changed lines are shifted in space and time, as long as that theme endures.

    One other thing I missed in this episode was Jamie. I know the book talks of his escape and his struggle for survival until recaptured and I missed seeing some of that. I am dreading next week and hope it is not as horrendous as I imagine it going to be. I hope most of it centers on the rescue.

    Thanks for this podcast and welcome back to the States!!


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