Bold and Unapologetic Season 1 Final Episodes

WARNING this post contains non-detailed spoilers. 

Please read no further if you do not want to have a peek into the ultimate outcome for our hero.

The Outlander TV series has been bold and unapologetic in adapting Diana Gabaldon’s work to a visual medium. It is thrilling to not only have brave actors putting it all out there for viewers, but the brave team in the writers room who are willing to get the sexy, ugly, horrific, scary, triumphant content to the actors. What Outlander has to show is not titillation. The thread of real these characters all have in common with us causes passionate fans to be born.

“Wentworth Prison” and “To Ransom A Man’s Soul” are the darkest moments to date for these characters. Brutal. Gutting. Disturbing. Powerful. Intimate. Ultimately, inspiring. From the depths of hell beauty grows. Through hardship and loss, bonds are strengthened. In short, these characters must suffer to prevail. They are fully revealed to us through the fires.

The last two episodes of Season 1 are going to push the envelope even further than what most are able to imagine. Delving into male rape coupled with sadism, the bold and fierce loving courage of Claire to save Jamie, taking a look into PTSD from the holistic assault Jamie endures, and a harrowing healing effort in the end.

These episodes will be difficult to watch and experience. It will be worth it. Trust me as a fan. Trust Ron. Trust Diana.


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36 thoughts on “Bold and Unapologetic Season 1 Final Episodes

  1. Racquel says:

    I am out tring to acquire whisky right now so I can sit through tonight’s episode. I had a problem reading these chapters, but they were words. The visuals are scaring me. If the season ends like the book, I will feel more peaceful. Ron however did say the Abby is in Scotland, so there is still danger ahead.

    One other thing I would love to see is a 10-year jump, not 20. I think they could still adapt the story so well that way. I see so many scenarios in my head, keeping Claire and Jamie young, vital and still central.


  2. stajeldin says:

    I am an avid reader and love this series to p pieces. I am looking forward to seeing how Ron Moore brings Diana’s words to the small screen. I know it will be tough but the rewards will be greater. Thank you for your podcasts. Sara

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  3. Racquel Morgan says:

    I think my point is being missed. In real life they are 35. I think for an adaptation 10 years would make more sense. They may be in their 4Os in the book but When I read, I still see Cait and Sam. I think Dianas’s love scenes for Claire And Jamie are done so much better than Bree’s and Roger’s and I guess I’m not ready to shift to them.


  4. Racquel Morgan says:

    Think of Sally Field being Forest Gump’s mother. Isn’t she only 2 years apart from Tom Hanks. I think there can be so much to adapt without aging too quickly.


      • Racquel Morgan says:

        To me the story is Claire and Jamie’s love, and the love we all long for, how they make their marriage work, stay together and work as a team. But this is TV and all I can think of is how cartoonish young people look when aged.


    • I think you’re missing the point that Sam and Cait are 35, not the 20 somethings they portray. They will only have to age them about 10 years to get them to the age they are after the separation (mid 40’s)


      • I think the issue is that the characters need to age about 20 years but the actors only need to age about 10. That is absolutely correct I think two different things are being discussed.

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      • To be honest, I have more of a problem with the way the show is now with 35 year old’s playing younger. They don’t look the ages the characters are supposed to be. Especially Jaime being only 23. I think the 20 year jump will actually help them look more age appropriate for the roles.


      • Racquel Morgan says:

        It’s not them but the actress who will play the daughter, how old will she be, 5 years younger, 10 years younger?


      • camelot7414 says:

        Raquel, since there’s no need for Bree to age 20 years in such a short period of time, there’s no need to cast someone in their 30’s to play her. I think they did that on purpose with Sam and Cait so that they could appear both in their 20’s and 40’s without too much trouble. I’m thinking they will cast someone more age appropriate for the roll.


  5. g says:

    I think the 20 year aging has to happen if it is going to follow what is historically happening in the world, especially once they get to America.


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