Wentworth Prison Ep 1×15 Review

Episode: Wentworth Prison 1×15

Alternate Titles: Now Kiss Me or Surrender

Acting: They should win all the awards!

Writing: Skillful

Directing: Thoughtful

Level of Viewing Discomfort: 10/10

It’s part slow, terrifying descent into the hell that is Black Jack Randall and part acts of courageous, fierce, protective love that is Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser.  

As said in yesterday’s post, Outlander is bold and unapologetic. A most challenging hour of viewing to be sure and so worth it.

If anyone had doubts that Randall is a sadistic,  evil being, It’s impossible to believe there could be a shred of good residing within him.  Tobias Menzies is terrifyingly perfect in his representation. Several times during the episode, I was promoted to cover my ears or eyes.  His performance left me anxiety ridden.

Claire. In fear she refuses to give up. Until she succeeds or fails there is no stopping her. Her grit, fighting spirit, and despairing heart keep us on the edge of our seats. She never ceases to surprise with the bravery she expresses. There are not enough adjectives to describe her attributes in this episode. When she curses Randall with the knowledge of his death date, I cheered. Caitriona Balfe perfection scene to scene.

Equally there is no question of how Claire and Jamie love each other. Both risking all for the other. THAT is the ultimate bottom line, their commitment and bond.  This is the heart and soul of Outlander.

To see Jamie’s fight and light dim to nearly being extinguished under Randall’s initial torments, utterly raw and gut wrenching to experience. He bargained for Claire’s life not knowing the level of holistic torture yet to be the unleashed upon him. As Randall began, the look of realization how bad this might get is in his eyes. Again shudder inducing. Sam Heughan, his performance simply flawless.

Jamie does not belong to darkness. The light shall reclaim him.  This harrowing anxiety filled ride gets an A+.  There are no more words, my emotions are all in disarray.


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