Three Word Wentworth Prison 1×15 Fan Reviews

On Twitter and Facebook I simply asked, “What’s your three word review of Wentworth Prison?”.  The emotional responses quickly came in. Thank you to all who participated in this tiny TV review. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

“My tears flowed.” “Nailed it. LITERALLY.” “Oh. My. God.”  “Book comes alive.” “Finest acting ever!” “Bravo entire ensemble!” “Riveting, fascinating, repellent.” “Oh my God!!!” “Extremely well performed.” “Heartbreakingly intense. Bravo.” “My poor Jamie!!” “Chilling, intense, incredible!” “Totally visceral storytelling.” “Award worthy performances.” “Never watching again!” “Brilliant, Awesome, Stunning.” “Tears,heartfelt acting!!!!!!!!!!!” “Very gut wrenching!” “Emmys for All.” “Emmy Award Winning.” “Ellen MacKenzie, Pimp.” “Dark, cruel, wicked!” “jolting, riveting, harbinger” “terrifying, heartbreaking & gut-wrenching” “disturbing, heart-pumping, painful.” “intense, conflicted, triumph” “Brilliantly talented actors” “What The Fuk!” “brilliant gut-wrenching sacrifice” “disturbing sick bastard” “Heartbreaking, Sick, Devotion.” 

What three words would you add?

This episode obviously had a pretty heavy affect upon viewers. I know it did on me. That is very obvious when you listen to my podcast. I chose not to redo it and keep the shaken up somber tone. My true emotions flowed effortlessly after watching a second time.  Expect more moments of purely unguarded talk after the last season’s episode as well.

Please feel free to share the word art made from these wonderful responses.


Slainte mhath.

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One thought on “Three Word Wentworth Prison 1×15 Fan Reviews

  1. Louise Tlan says:


    This video clip is even more gut wrenching than watching the episode.. Have the hankies ready.


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